In Honor of Tom & Mara Currie

     I recently was asked by a long time friend of my family if I would be interested in puchasing a large lot of jewelry making supplies, equipment, etc.  I was interested, of course.  So, after discussing the details with my husband, we decided it would be a good investment & it would be helping the family.  

     She & her sister are in the process of sorting through their late parents' possessions.  They had a local business, making jewelry and various other crafts.  

     I only had the pleasure of meeting them a few times throughout my childhood, but I can remember they were very nice people with big hearts.  As I was going through my "inventory", I found some of their finished pieces and will be listing them in my Etsy shop under a new catagory, Tomara Collections, in honor of their hard work, dedication, and beauty in their craft.      This page is in honor of their names and their story.  Some of the pieces are vintage and some are current from when they last created them. I hope you find the beauty in their creations as I have.

     Blessings to the family of Tom and Mara Currie of Tomara Specialties.

Kathy Guidry and Debra Colwart, thank you for thinking of me, and know that each piece will carry on their names and all the energy they put into it.  Their spirits will live on. 

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